With your fadeonwheels.com account get rewards everytime you book your appointments, when you leave a review, when you refer friends and when your purchase gift cards ! 

Each dollar spent = 1 Points

For each dollar that you spend with us you earn 1 points. 

How much points do I need to get a free haircut !

10 points will give you a dollar $ so in order to get a $30 hair cut you need to have 300 points, which represents 10% of the money spent so basically you are getting a free hair cut on every 10 orders !


Leaving a review

If you leave a review on our website you will be granted 50 points, $5 in actual money. 

The Program refer a friend.

For each friend that you are referring we are granting you 50 points, simply ask your friend to write a note in his order along with your account email address, so that we can add your points to your account.

Gift Cards = 10% off

By purchasing a gift card of a value of $250 and above be granted 250points which represents 10% discount and it will allow you to book your next appointments simply using your points. These points can only be used 14 days after the purchase of the gift card.



The points discount can only be redeemed on an appointment, and can’t be used to purchase physical goods.


Book a Rendez-Vous

Today is the day, do not wait anymore try our service out and you will be amazed of how easy it is to get your hair cut at home.

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Sunday : Emergency service only

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