About fade

Fade on wheels – Est. 2020

Fade on wheels was born out of a commitment to create a convenient, personalized haircut experience. We’re a mobile barbershop service that does women, men and children’s haircuts when you want it, where you want it. 

Men are taking pride in their appearance more than ever; it’s not uncommon to see men in a salon, indulging in a straight razor shave for a special occasion or keeping a keen eye on modern haircut trends. We want men to look and feel confident and comfortable. Nothing does that like a haircut!

And we don’t deliver haircuts – we deliver an experience. Each haircut offers our customers the opportunity to choose their own music, style, products, and an array of other individual tailoring.

Fade on wheel is committed to providing you with a superb and personalized grooming experience, where you want it, when you want it.

Book an appointment. We’ll be bringing the barbershop at your door before you know it.

My Story

Established in Coteau-du-Lac in 2020

My Mission

Provide exceptional service to our customers

Make each and every hair cutting experience uniquely personalized and customized

Use traditional techniques, tools, and products we believe in

Invest in my employees through ongoing training and above average compensation

Maintain good citizenship as a company

See the difference in between a taper and a fade !

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday : 9h00 - 20h30
Sunday : Emergency service only

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